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Listing Optimization

Amazon’s ever-changing algorithm makes it difficult to keep up. Yesterday’s best practices on images and keywords may not necessarily work today. A ‘fully optimized listing’ essentially has an adaptable strategy because “Set it and Forget It.” simply won’t cut it.

ECOMMARISE understands what’s being evaluated in your Amazon listing, making it a valuable search result to potential customers. Our team focuses on assessing your listing and scanning it for any strategic gaps. We monitor, update, and deliver high-quality listings for shoppers and the Amazon algorithm.

Determining what makes one sales listing perform better than another, even when the products are similar, can seem like a daunting task – especially for the everyday business owner who may not be familiar with all the intricacies and nuances of the Amazon algorithm.
However, there are tools, best practices and gold standard case studies that ECCOMARISE uses to optimize Amazon listings on your behalf. Use of these practices typically results in listings that rank consistently higher and convert views to sales more effectively than listings that do not utilize great photos or videos.

Amazon is a business and its main goal is to sell as many goods as it can to as many consumers as it can. It comes to reason that the listings that appeal most to Amazon are also those that appeal most to customers. The more successful a listing is among shoppers, the more conversions and profits are made – both for the seller and Amazon.

As a result, Amazon designs its algorithm and SEO practices to reward listings that best serve consumers. Amazon provides sellers with several key content areas which can be used to entice shoppers and optimize product listings – title, bullet points, product description, photography, videos, A+ Content and back-end search terms.

When each of these areas works together fluidly, optimization occurs and shoppers are more easily converted. We ensure that each content area is given the attention it deserves by:

• Researching and focusing on keywords that are most relevant to your product and what consumers are searching for
• Writing clear, descriptive copy that is easy for shoppers to digest and develop an informed purchase decision around
• Highlighting eye-catching, informative product photography & videos to help the consumer interest with and visualize the product – even if they can’t touch it
• Formatting your listing using A+ Content to create a more compelling product story.

Each of these techniques & best practices helps us develop a listing that fulfills the needs of consumers and ultimately creates the kind of content Amazon wants to see.


Whether you need professional white background photography, 360 shots, or Lifestyle images for your amazon listing, we’ve got you covered.


With engaging premium content, get under the spotlight with our professional videography.


A continuous challenge for online sellers is the question of how to replicate the in-store experience in a sometimes impersonal e-commerce environment.

3D Rendering

We know how to present your products in the most positive way possible, utilizing realistic looking yet captivating visuals.

EBC / A+ Content

Get higher conversion rates with visually rich Amazon product description. Content placements and enhanced images can take your brand story to next level.

Social Marketing Plans

Flexible Pricing Plans

We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to
develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.

$ 59.99

Monthly Package

  • 5 posts per month
  • 2 social platforms included
  • Profile creation and/or review
  • SEO coordination
  • Integrated hashtag strategy
  • No long-term contracts

$ 89.99

Monthly Package

  • 10 posts per month
  • 3 social platforms included
  • Everything in Basic
  • Optimized posting times
  • Call-to-action posts
  • Dedicated writer

$ 169.99

Monthly Package

  • 20 posts per month
  • 4 social platforms included
  • Everything in Essential
  • Authoritative link earning
  • Advanced profile setup
  • xtended distribution