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Choosing the right product is what makes the difference. Finding a product with high demand and low competition typically takes tones of patience, hours of research and years of experience as to what customers like to buy. Leverage ECCOMARISE Amazon Product Research Services to discover a product that not only sells but is also easy to ship, has good margins and involves no legal or category issues.

Our data-driven and customer-centric estimates will help you spot excellent product opportunities. Don’t spend hours analysing complex spreadsheets and exploring complicated tools that won’t lead to any decisions. Instead, Product Research Consultants at ECCOMARISE will manually sort, systematically arrange, grade and compress the data to dig out the right product for you that will sell. Product Research for Amazon just got easier!


• Setting up criteria
• Brainstorming product ideas
• Finding the prospective products from research tool
• Comprehensive competitor analysis so you can get idea of the market
• Giving accurate estimates for price, net profits and FBA fees
• Searching product on Alibaba or any other sourcing websites
• Providing the supplier contact link so you can choose the right supplier

Making initial sales on Amazon is problematic as products that rank lower than the first few pages in the search results are barely viewed by customers. The point of using external channels is, therefore, to get your Amazon product listing in front of potential customers that are willing to make the purchase.

The key is to find and connect with your target group – early adopters of your new product. This is easier if you are already selling your products on Amazon and have actively been building an audience.

Launching a successful Amazon product can be exciting and challenging too. It takes time, knowledge, and effort to achieve success. We’d say that you have to come up with a core strategy that works well with your product. These early steps will define your product’s long-term success on Amazon.

ECOMMARISE will help you formulate your Amazon product launch plan. We divided the plan into three parts and work step by step:

1. Pre-launch strategy
2. Launch strategy
3. Post-launch strategy