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In May 2017, Amazon introduced a new and enhanced Brand Registry aimed at helping brand owners to safeguard or protect their registered trademarks. The Brand Registry was also designed to create an accurate and reliable experience for brands’ customers by offering access to image search and proprietary text, along with predictive automation and reporting tools. Sellers who register with the program have more control over their brand on Amazon.

Today, the Brand Registry presents a powerful suite of tools or programs as well as features that verified brand owners can use to protect intellectual property and build their brand presence within Amazon and nurture their business.

What Benefits does Amazon Brand Registry Offer?

Amazon says it’s protecting over 350,000 brands around the world that have enrolled with Amazon Brand Registry. Additionally, according to Amazon, these brands are on average finding and reporting 99 percent fewer suspected infringements compared to the time when Brand Registry hadn’t been launched. Moreover, Amazon stopped over 2.5 million bad actor accounts before they could publish a single product listing for sale while more than 6 billion suspicious bad product listings were blocked before they could even be published to the Amazon store.

Ability to Represent a Brand Accurately

One of the key features of Brand Registry is that it offers greater control over product pages on Amazon under a brand name, so customers are likely to see the right information that is associated with a given brand.

Potent Search and Reporting Tools

A set of search and reporting tools helps simplify the process of finding and identifying potential infringements. These include:

• Image search – This tool helps find products listings within Amazon that tend to match products or logos by use of images
• Global search – Search for content within different Amazon stores on the same screen without having to navigate away
• Bulk ASIN search – Search for a list of product URLs or ASINs in bulk to check them and report any potential infringement of content
• Sort view – View average customer ratings within ASINs to help determine their popularity.
Once a search is complete, it’s possible to submit a report of any potential infringement to Amazon. The Amazon team then reviews the report and takes appropriate action.

Proactive Brand Protection

Besides the standard proactive measures that Amazon provides, Brand Registry offers additional brand protection. The program utilizes information provided about a brand to help initiate additional predictive protection aimed at identifying and removing potentially bad listings. The more Brand Registry knows about a brand and its IP, the more proactive it will be, with measures including:

• Identification of product listings that aren’t for the brand in question, but use that brand’s trademarked terms in titles or content
• Identification of images containing a brand logo on products that do not carry that brand’s name
• Finding sellers who are shipping products from areas or countries a brand doesn’t distribute to, or who aren’t authorized to sell its products
• Highlighting product listings that have been created using a brand name when that brand has already stated that its full product catalogue is on Amazon



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