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People are always looking for the best deals on products. If you want to rank well in the search results on Amazon, you must price your products correctly.

To get an idea on pricing, it is imperative that you check your competitor’s listings for your product keywords. You’ll want to look at how they price their products and compare it to the price you had in mind.

You don’t want to overprice your products compared to your competitors. Amazon users want the best deal and won’t take a second look at products that are more expensive than the competition. In fact, Amazon already knows this and assumes your conversion rate will be low (due to a higher price point) and rank your product lower.

If you want your products to get to the top of the rankings, you must choose the right price point. You can choose a similar price point to remain in competition or you can drop your price slightly lower to entice people to buy.

It’s crucial that you set the right price for your products if you want to see success with your Amazon ranking.



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