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The fields of the product listing (title, bullet points, description, backend keywords, etc.) used to be weighted differently in the Amazon ranking algorithm. Amazon removed this weighting later in October 2018 (see this algorithm update note for more information).

Currently, the fields are weighted equally. It doesn’t matter where you put your keywords, as long they’re in a field that’s indexed.


Even though your brand is indexed as a keyword, it does not (and cannot) vary across product listings and, therefore, offers no opportunity for optimization.


The product title is fully indexed for search. Use the category-specific Amazon Style Guides to determine the correct title length for your product.

Make sure you get this right: Amazon rejects overlong titles and even suppresses listings in certain circumstances. In this case, the product no longer appears in the search results.

Bullet Points (Highlights)

In some categories, Amazon only indexes the first 1000 bytes (incl. spaces) as a sum across all bullet points. Keywords after this threshold are not indexed.

The text should be shorter anyway — It keeps the bullet points readable and avoids adverse effects on the conversion rate (we recommend max 150 bytes per bullet point).

Our recommendation: Use 200 bytes maximum per bullet point (better 150 bytes) to guarantee full indexation and a good conversion rate.

Product Description

Whether or not a product description is indexed depends on the category of your product.

In some categories, products can be found via all the keywords in the product description. In most categories, however, the following holds true:

• A product DOES NOT appear in the search results when customers search for single keywords from the product description
• A product DOES appear in the search results when
a) customers search for two or more keywords from the product description that are located close to each other or
b) customers search for a keyword from the product description AND at least two other keywords from one or more indexed fields (i.e., title, bullet points, backend keywords)
• The product description is, therefore, an excellent place to add your long-tail keywords.

Want to know if your product shows up for all your keywords? Make sure to always validate the indexation of your keywords with a keyword ranking tracker such as in the Amazon SEO tools in the Sellics Seller Edition and Vendor Edition.



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