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What is Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution is a game changer for agencies and marketers. Previously, brands couldn’t measure the success of cross-channel advertising driving sales and awareness to Amazon. With Amazon Attribution, brands can now better quantify their media investment and effectiveness of other channels. As a result, they could potentially double down on their Amazon media investment.

Amazon Attribution is an advertising and analytics measurement solution used by agencies and marketers to gain insight into how non-Amazon marketing channels across social, search, display, video and email influence shopping activity and sales performance on Amazon. For example, prior to the launch of Attribution, if a brand was running a Google search ad driving to Amazon, it wasn’t possible to accurately measure how the Google campaign affected sales on Amazon. With Amazon Attribution, this is now possible under one console. This service is available for professional sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, vendors, and agencies with clients who sell products on Amazon.

Key Benefits of Amazon Attribution

• Discover new sales opportunities by analysing the patterns of consumer engagement.
• Reach your goals in a more efficient manner by understanding which non-Amazon strategies are most effective.
• Receive in-flight campaign performance metrics on demand.
• Access full-funnel advertising analytics, from awareness to consideration to purchase. Metrics include clicks, detail page views, add-to-carts and sales.
• Amazon Attribution is available in the following countries: US, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and United Kingdom.

The Amazon Attribution Advantage

Why should marketers use Amazon Attribution Measurement? Consumer-brand engagement is higher than it has ever been, and marketers need to capitalize on the non-Amazon channels that play key roles in the shopping experience. Although Amazon Advertising already helps drive brand consideration and awareness, Amazon Attribution gives marketers a new perception of what is driving value to their brand and what is resonating with consumers. Ultimately, Amazon Attribution allows brands to finally attribute sales to their off-Amazon marketing.

Could Amazon reward sellers that drive external traffic to its retail sites? Though this is not confirmed, many sellers believe that’s exactly what happens, and it would certainly make sense. When driving more external traffic to Amazon, Amazon gains more potential customers and volume. This could lead to better organic search for brands and better treatment from Amazon itself.

Best Practices:

• To get started, click on your Advertiser Name and set up a New Order. An Order is essentially a campaign.
• Don’t forget to upload attribution tags under Creation Method in the Amazon Attribution console. You can then add products that you’re hoping to drive sales for to Amazon. For Google search campaigns, you’re able to upload up to 100,000 tags.
• For Facebook and others, you need to paste Amazon Attribution tags into the URL Parameter section within the Facebook UI



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